The Osho Kundalini Meditation

is a transformative meditation that takes you through four phases of shaking, dancing, stillness and observation to relax the body and awaken the inner energy, the Kundalini. It offers an opportunity to leave everyday life behind and immerse yourself in a state of deep inner peace. This meditation is suitable for everyone and invites you to be present in the here and now, to shake, to dance and ultimately to reach a state of stillness and ecstasy. Discover the power of this meditation and connect with your true self.

*Every Tuesday Evening at 18:00

Starting on the 12 March 2024 bis 12 April 2024

Experiences of Participiants

"This is an invitation for MIndfullness - Awarness and a beutiful practice to "Allow me to be Me" as Geeta would say. - Anoke

"I was looking for deeper exploration of myself -this Space with Geeta has dramatically boosted my confidence and selflove" - Svethlana

Theres a soup after the Meditation if u wish to join a mindful experience sharing. 

Registeration- 0793610159

Energy Exchange: 35.- chf   /  10 Abo : 300.- chf

Astrology and our date of birth can offer insights into our body, mind, and soul, helping us gain clarity and understanding in various aspects of our lives. (this offer is valid for 2 month - from date of committment)

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